Translational Neuroimage, Neuromodulation, and Neurorehabilitation Lab

Martinos Spark

Default Mode Network of Stroke with Dysphagia

The main pattern of default mode network (DMN) correlation maps of the stroke patients without dysphagia vs. dysphagia

Stroke with dysphagia: Fiber tracts of the selected regions of interest

Small-World Networks of the Brain

Schematic of the classification using the attribute features of small-world networks of the brain

Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifier trained across the runs of Speech Perceptions at 7T

BOLD activations related to phoneme category variability in the /ba/–/da/ discrimination task

Speech Sound Production Activations at 7T

Brain actiovations of producing a silent lip-round vowel /u/ in response to the visual cue ‘‘U’’ at 7T MRI